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At Artisan SIP Plans, we provide everything from an initial design schematic to full working drawings. Our stock plans, which can quickly be modified to fit any site, are designed to use Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for easy, fast, and affordable construction of your high-performance building. That said, we have noted over the years that no one size fits every project so, where appropriate, we also incorporate Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), like FasWall, Fox Block, The Perfect Block, and Premier ICF.

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As you go through our plan catalog, you will likely find a structure that is close in design to what you have been thinking about building. You can use any plan as drawn or we can customize the plan with your input during a one-hour remote session, where we give you access to view our screen and the 3D model as we discuss modifications for your project.
In addition to the design, we can also provide the building package in most places through one of our affiliate fabricators – ready to assemble.

Ideas And Concepts

Share with us what you’re thinking. We probably have a design that is already close.

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The basis of construction is drawings. Let us get you a set of schematic drawings.

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We use Chief Architect software so modifying a plan is easy.

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Our full-color plans are clear and understandable.

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Patrick Sughrue built his first tiny house in 1973 on the back of a 1949 Dodge flatbed truck. With his interest in green, high-performance homes for over 30 years, Patrick designs with less waste, energy-efficiency, and innovative products in mind. In 1998 he and his wife, Jill, hand-built their home in Vancouver, WA with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Ever since he has been using SIPs in his designs and brings his wealth of experience to Tiny Houses on Wheels, Artisan Dwelling Units (ADUs), and other small ground-bound cabins, cottages, studios, and workshops. Patrick wrote ‘Building Your Moveable Tiny House with Mindfulness’ and has authored articles for Home Power and other publications. Earlier in his career, Patrick was a prime contractor for a large weatherization program in Hood River, Oregon.

Jill Sughrue discovered her passion for sustainability after participating in the Northwest Earth Institutes’ VOLUNTARY SIMPLICITY discussion course back in 1994. Following a 30-year career in corporate risk management, she has consulted with governments, corporations and educators on sustainable practices and facilitated workshops on the triple-bottom-line, marketing green homes, building a local living economy, and The Natural Step, a global framework for sustainable development.

Patrick Sughrue, General Manager

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